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Artwork Specifications


Do you already have a logo that you'd like us to print? We need it to be sent to us in a high enough resolution that we can get a clear image to print and in a format we can edit, if needed. Please send us your image in the same size that you'd like it to be printed in if possible (up to 12"x12").


Please send your artwork file as a:


.pdf       .ai       .eps       .psd 


Don't have your logo in one of the above formats? If you have a big enough .jpg, .png, .tif or .gif we can usually put a little work in and get it into a printable format. If a lot of work is required to get your image into a printable format, we can vector your image for you for a flat $30 fee.


Have a hand drawn logo that needs to be transfered into a digital image to be printed? No problem! For a flat $45 fee, we can turn your drawing into a vectored, printable image.

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